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Love Stories, the story...

In 2013, Love Stories founder and creative director Marloes Hoedeman took a piece of paper and sharpened her pencil to design lingerie that’s as versatile as she knew women to be. The type of lingerie that makes you feel beautiful, minus the discomfort.

Et voilà, Love Stories was born: a lingerie brand that celebrates the bralette as the sexiest, most feminine, most comfortable piece of lingerie in the world. A holiday for your boobs.

A lingerie brand first and foremost, Love Stories soon learned that their lovely customers were swimming in their lingerie for a lack of cute swimwear options. What better cue to design a swimwear line with bikini's, swimsuits and beachwear?

If it were up to us, we’d be in briefs-‘n-bralette all day, but sometimes you have to leave the house. To get more food. That’s why Love Stories drew up a modest ready-to-wear collection that can be worn in the streets as much as at home. Think co-ord Pyjamas all day, silk robes that go so well with heels on a night out, or a slip dress for classy comfort. Bourjois bohemian at its best.

And so it was written, a love story for the ages. A lingerie circus ran by women, for women. Mix & match, do you and embrace your realness - imperfection is far more fun and interesting.

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