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Chapter II: Jamaica

Get ready to pack your bags for the trip of a lifetime. En route by bus, boat, air and foot - travel to every dream destination on your bucket list like a modern-day nomad. Collect your ultimate holiday wardrobe and explore your heart while you explore the world. Next up: Jamaica!

The Wonderful bright colours and playful prints represent the vibrant vibe of the island. Good vibes only, baby!

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“Music is everywhere. People laugh so loud and every sentence sounds like a song. My cheeks hurt from smiling all day.”

On the move

Dive into a collection of tropical hues and iconic sports influences. An electric sportswear capsule in a cool and bold colour pallet combined with a playfull animal-print to match the upbeat surroundings. A perfect lightweight selection for days on the go.

Discover all holiday wardrobe essentials


Tropical Paradise 

Nature takes over in a rainforest full of fresh green shades, big bold floral prints and bamboo details. The shiny surfaces make you think of the lush of Jamaica’s beautiful nature.

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