In the middle of nowhere, we find everything we need. Deserted roads, your best pal next to you and the golden light of the setting sun lighting up your faces — this mini break is about zero rules and a million loud laughs. Hopping from gorgeous design resorts to dodgy highway motels, stopping at gas stations for more candy and a quick silk hand wash in the sink.

Let’s gather some bikinis, zip up that duffle bag, and join photographer Kate Bellm and her muse and best friend Guindi on a California road trip that leads us right into summer.


Don’t you adore those hot summer days that lead to sizzling summer nights?
Explore lingerie styles made for showing off, and cover-up pieces that effortlessly transition from day to night. A bright pink dress, shimmering fabrics that sparkle in sun or candle light… These stunners are your partners in crime when one thing leads to another, and another, and another.

Join the best club of all as we dive deep into the summer season with a star studded swimwear line-up. We’re talking brown lurex and bright pink showstoppers for late night beach parties. Designed to complement your body shape and mood of the day, have your pick from maximum to minimum coverage fits — including our favourite new Tiny bottoms in foxy leopard print.