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Think Pink,
Spread Love

Let’s colour the world pink, ladies. In honour of breast cancer awareness month, we’re joining forces to support a cause that’s close to our hearts: Pink Ribbon. Love Stories presents a special Pink Ribbon selection of pink lingerie and loungewear items. For each purchase made from this selection, 50% of the turnover will be donated to Pink Ribbon.*

Every purchase will be rewarded with a limited-edition art piece; a unique A4-sized art print by artist Julie Haverkamp.

*From the 1st of October to the 4th of October

The Pink Ribbon Selection

The Pink Ribbon selection consists of two pink lingerie sets, a pink glitter body, a silky pink pyjama set and a pink Terry fabric lounge set. Each of these items are perfectly paired with designs by some of Love Stories’ favourite brands: a pink bracelet by Maison Irem and a pink braided necklace by Saturdays & Sundays*.

*The necklaces will be auctioned daily on Instagram @lovestoriesintimates, starting from 2nd of October until 4th of October.

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Pink Ribbon

Love Stories will donate 50% of the turnover from all Pink Ribbon items purchased from 1st of October until 4th of October in Love Stories’ Amsterdam Boutique (Herengracht 298) and via lovestoriesintimates.com. Pink Ribbon will use this donation to finance scientific research and projects in the field of breast cancer treatment, aftercare and long-terms effect of breast cancer. Pink Ribbon is committed to a better and longer life for every breast cancer patient.

One-off art auction by Julie Haverkamp

Additionally, we’re auctioning a one-off art piece by Atelier Julie Haverkamp online. Visit @lovestoriesintimates on Instagram to put in your offer. Bids starting Friday morning 2nd of October and the highest bidder will be announced Sunday 4th of October in the afternoon on @lovestoriesintimates. All proceeds will be donated to Pink Ribbon. Going once, going twice!

A Chat With:
Julie Haverkamp

Meet Julie Haverkamp, artist and founder of her namesake atelier. We sat down with Julie to talk about her work and the inspiration behind her paintings.

How did Atelier Julie Haverkamp come about?
My love for drawing started when I was young. I come from a creative family; both of my grandfathers were architects so I used to experiment with their tools and markers. From 2015 - when I started my studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and my schedule got packed - drawing became my outlet to calm down and ease my mind. Over the years, I kept experimenting and became obsessed with portraits. After much research, I’ve now let go of my perfectionism in realism, and found a new way to express myself in abstract painting. This reignited my passion to explore endless shapes, colours and possibilities.

What inspires you?
I like to get inspired by my surroundings and memories. Anything from a walk around Amsterdam to a new interior designer, an afternoon of tinkering with my sisters or a childhood vacation.

My shape inspiration comes from furniture, buildings and space, but I also like to research new developments in texture, material and colour. The most important thing for me, is to incorporate my emotions into these elements.

What would you like to express through your art?
I started creating art for myself, to have moments of calm in my busy life. With it, I want to tell the story about my memories and my experience of my emotions. The viewer needs to feel drawn to the canvas — it chooses you. Once this happens, a connection is made and my story becomes yours.

What’s your big dream for the future?
One day, I want to walk into one of my favourite museums such as the MOMA or Museum Voorlinden — right into my first solo exhibition. I envision my own story written across a gigantic wall, and see everyone looking at the artworks I created.

“Inspired by the strong women around me,
who've beaten breast cancer"

What’s your personal connection to Pink Ribbon?
As a woman, I’m very aware of the subject matter of breast cancer — it’s the form of cancer that’s effected my surroundings the most. From stories with happy endings - like my grandmother’s survival - to emotional battles that ended too soon. I’m also very aware that proper treatment isn’t within everyone’s reach, which is why the work of Pink Ribbon is so important. With this collaboration, I hope to help raise funds to support their projects.

Could you tell us a bit more about the artwork you created for this?
Inspired by breast cancer survivors around me, I made my first ever pink artwork. It tells a story of femininity, sadness, being surrounded by love, and above all: perseverance. Stay strong!

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