Welcome to Love Stories’ Rainbow Warriors: a worldwide tribe of fearless women, living life in the moment. We drew up a wardrobe to match, which is consciously made by women, for women. In this season’s campaign we celebrate four modern-day hippies, who each followed their dreams all the way to Ibiza where they live close to nature — moving freely in our colourful, ultimate island collection.

‘The island teaches to live in the moment.
To let us choose freedom over perfection’
- Inguna

The newest collection is a big celebration of womanhood, freedom, and eternal sunshine. We channelled this seize-the-moment spirit into a collection that’s filled with joyful pinks, fresh greens, and sunset gradients. Discover a collection that’s made for endless days on the island, from an early morning dip to spontaneous dance parties.


This tribe connects women of all ages, passing down wisdom from generation to generation. Mothers that teach their daughters to be independent, to follow their dreams and to listen to their hearts to achieve true happiness. Let’s teach them young! Along with the main collection, Love Stories presents a range of kids-sized versions; all made from breezy materials in joyful colours, made for long play days in nature.