You deserve this, period. — We joined forces with Yoni, the innovative fem care brand, to create period underwear raising funds to support the AFRIpads foundation and give back to communities in need. A percentage of the profit from our Yoni period underwear goes to the AFRIpads foundation. An organisation that gets reusable menstrual kits into the hands of girls and women who need it the most. Since 2010 alone, AFRIpads Menstrual Kits have saved 29,603,127 kilos of waste from disposable sanitary pads. Continuing to take care of our planet, while we take care of our days. Our planet doesn’t get any days off, so neither should we.



Where is the donation going?
With their on the ground work, AFRIpads Foundation will donate AFRIpads menstrual kits to Resilient Women Uganda, a social enterprise that provides empowerment opportunities for women in rural areas of Uganda. AFRIpads produces and distributes reusable sanitary pads while also providing menstrual health education and reproductive health services. 

What is the donation?
For every pair of period underwear sold, Love Stories will donate 3 AFRIpads menstrual kits containing 4 washable sanitary pads each. Which means, with the purchase of just one pair of period proof underwear, the customer will support the menstrual needs of 3 women in Uganda for an entire year.

If you wish to make a separate direct donation to the AFRIpads foundation - you can use this link.


AFRIpads Foundation is the non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting menstrual health and hygiene in East Africa through the provision of AFRIpads products. AFRIpads is a social enterprise based in Uganda that produces reusable sanitary pads for girls and women in need, while also providing menstrual health education and advocating for policy change. AFRIpads Foundation's mission then is to ensure that every girl and woman has access to safe and effective menstrual products and education, by using donations to distribute these products free of charge. By addressing this critical issue, AFRIpads Foundation is helping to break down barriers to education and economic opportunity for girls and women in Uganda and beyond. With their work, they are covering 4 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of the UN). For more information, please visit the


Poverty is a big driver of domestic violence and sexual gender-based violence since it limits girls and women from having equal access to resources and services, especially employment, education and sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR)information. In response to this situation, the Resilient Women’s Organization was born in 2016. Resilient Women’s Organization (RWO) in Uganda is a registered grass-root Non-Profit Organisation and was started to socially and economically empower adolescent girls and young women. The organisation has 3 main goals: ending child marriage, supporting young women and teenagers through pregnancies, and eradicating gender based violence.