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I do, I do... And I love me too.

Whether you plan on dancing the night away with friends, or you’re planning the perfect spring ceremony. Have your pick from Love Stories’ mesmerizing Love Edit. A range of breathtaking pieces to flaunt underneath those thousand layers.

"We love the elegant frivolity of Dutch brand Love Stories Intimates."

"...the never-ending search for cool, comfortable and peek-a-boo pretty lingerie is finally over"

"We've long been a fan of Love Stories' lingerie offering."

Lovely Lucy

Here to help is Lucy: a flattering all-new bralette shape with a mini check pattern, adorned with semi sheer ruffles for an intelligent type of sexy that will make you fall in love with your reflection. Let’s light some candles and run a warm bath for some me-time, baby.

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Ready for your big day?

Textures of the lace are reminiscent of the most delicate flower petals, whilst whimsical oversized bow detailing adds extra charm to the perfect bridal bralette. Designed to make you feel incredibly sexy and comfortable while you take your love’s breath away. These pieces form perfect foundation for you to build your dream wedding look or if you want to celebrate the greatest love of all: self-love. Treat yourself first, stunner.

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