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The Ultimate
Holiday Wardrobe

Let's start our journey, darling. Escape the cold winter and get ready for the first stop of the season: Essaouira - Morocco's surf paradise. Explore a collection designed to spend the entire day on the beach, inspired by the relaxing lifestyle of the people of Essaouira.

As the sun sets, Love Stories serves a soft and comfortable collection of after-surf cover-ups, delicate lingerie and harem pants. These styles are drawn up in earthy tones, with colour inspiration taken from old fishing nets, Moroccan street art and mosaic tiles. Like a signature Love Stories seasoning, some glitter dust trickles down onto several styles.

Enjoy an early morning cup of coffee, just before the sun rises and start the morning slowly in your Susie robe. The perfect quilted morning robe which makes the most comfortable cover up, made from a soft satin.