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How we care for the Planet

We adore our beautiful planet. In every step of our supply chain, we keep future generations in mind as we commit to minimising our waste and carbon footprint. For what we cannot reduce ourselves, we invest in initiatives and partners that are specialised in conserving biodiversity. Continually re-evaluating and further reducing Love Stories’ impact on climate change is our top priority.


We use FSC®-certified paper for all Love Stories packaging and labelling — from the shipping boxes in our warehouses down to the hangtags in our boutiques. Individual items are safely protected by biodegradable polybags.

"We use biodegradable polybags, recycled plastic shipping bags and FSC certified carton boxes to ship our packages of love to your home."

Did you order online? We ship our orders in FSC® cardboard boxes with a recycled plastic sleeve, so that you can re-use your durable Love Stories box for storage, to assort lingerie or assort accessories at home.


Every webshop return doubles a package’s carbon emissions. Therefore, in 2021, we introduced a detailed return analysis system; customer feedback helps us to adjust product descriptions, customer experience and even the product itself. We also introduced the Bralette Fit Finder to provide customised fit and size recommendations, minimising the need to order extra sizes, which ultimately leads to fewer returns.


True love never ends, so we don’t let our goodies go to waste. Love Stories samples and items from previous seasons are available in our Archive Stores in Amsterdam and Cologne. In these curated museums of treasures, you can browse the shelves for one-off samples, nose through drawers and boxes for unique limited editions and evergreens, and stumble upon stock sale at special prices.

Furthermore, left-overs are donated to various local charities and unwearable samples are passed down to textile recycling facilities.


How your garments are created

A big part of the environmental impact of our company, is determined by key choices we make in the design process of our garments. From the recycled, organic, recyclable and biodegradable qualities of the materials we use, down to the colours, hand painted prints and finishes we add: they shape up how durable and sustainable an item is in the long run. Additionally, we provide solutions for ideal care, to help customers wear and care for garments in ways that extend their lifespan.


In our Spring/Summer 2020 collection, we started using recycled yarn fabrics in our swimwear styles. In Autumn/Winter 2020 we also rolled this out into the lingerie collection, using recycled yarns in fabrics, lace and elastics. In 2021, we expanded into the ready-to-wear collection, using recycled polyesters as well as certified organic cotton.

"We’ve developed our own micro fabric with recycled yarns."

Many of our fabrics are custom developed by Love Stories in close collaboration with our suppliers. Besides their durability and sustainability, we hold our materials to high standards in terms of support, softness and refinement, so that every woman feels comfortable and beautiful wearing them.


We limit production to just a few trusted suppliers, with each of whom we have longstanding relationships. We visit our factories frequently — our Tier 1 CMT (cut, make, trim) manufacturers who create the final products as well as our Tier 2 suppliers that handle the fabrics and hardware including printing, dying and washing units.

Love Stories is an Amfori BSCI member. BSCI helps us monitor our supply chain to ensure suppliers treat their personnel ethically and legally correct.


All of the recycled yarns we use are GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified. GRS is an international, voluntary product standard that pins down requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, a chain of custody, social and ecological practices, and chemical restrictions.

All of our material and component suppliers, as well as our printing and dying houses, comply with the REACH standard. REACH is a European Union regulation (1907/2006/EC) restricting the levels of specific chemical substances in all imported goods. These rules are recorded in the Oekoe-Tex® certificates that all Love Stories material suppliers have. Factories are re-audited every year to receive a new certificate.


Our goal is to minimise waste fabrics as much as possible. However, due to unforeseen circumstances we do occasionally have leftover fabrics at the end of our production chain. To not let these go to waste, we come up with seasonal solutions to utilise them, such as turning them into shirts for staff in our boutiques. At the start of the Covid-pandemic, we re-used them to create face masks in a variety of prints and patterns.


Once we’ve done our part in creating the most durable lingerie styles for you, the journey really begins. When our items live on in your lingerie drawer and on your gorgeous body, the way you care for them will influence their lifespan significantly. We provide detailed care advice through our boutiques, website and care labels.

To make it even easier, we’ve created an organic lingerie wash with AttireCare that provides the deepest cleaning, yet with the gentle touch that lingerie needs. Also, we kindly recommend our multi-purpose washing bags; they come in black and sand, are easy to store and double as a small laundry bag when travelling. Click here to read more about our garment care instructions.


How we care for our community

From the get-go, Love Stories was built on a foundation of optimism — challenging societal norms for women and working together towards a better future. Everything we achieve as a company, is accredited to the people that build our brand and make and wear our garments with pride.

Both locally and globally, Love Stories is dedicated to maintaining healthy relationships with everyone involved. Powered by creativity and collaboration, Love Stories champions inclusivity and respect, so that everyone in our community feels free and safe to express their most authentic self.


Love Stories is a company ran by women, for women. The Love Stories journey began when founder Marloes Hoedeman wanted to build a brand that countered the over-sexualised status quo of the lingerie industry and instead, create intimates that are comfortable and empower you to express your natural self — celebrating the natural shape of your breasts with our non-wired bralettes.

"Love Stories offers 24 different bra sizes, ranging from size 70 to 85 and from cup A to F."

Every season, we create a colourful mix & match extravaganza of prints and patterns that embrace different silhouettes. Open to playful interpretations and authentic combinations, so that everyone can feel her utmost beautiful and powerful.

Love Stories became a pioneer in wireless bras. Over time, we’ve expanded our size ranges and continue to do so. By our dedicated collection called Grand Amour, we currently cater to women up to cup F. Resulting in a size range from cup 70A up to 85F for bralettes, sizes S up to XXL for briefs, and XS to XL for cover-ups.


In honour of breast cancer awareness month, we join forces every year in October with a cause that is close to our hearts: Pink Ribbon. Last year, we presented a limited-edition pink Love Lace and Wild Rose lingerie set, with proceeds donated to Pink Ribbon for the advancement of breast cancer research and awareness. Stay tuned for this year’s initiative.


Our staff and B-choice garments are donated to charities. This is a local affair: our retail teams around the world seek out organisations that they love, to support the local community in their cities. In Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Amsterdam for instance, we’re donating to charities and shelters that help women in need.


We joined forces with Yoni, the innovative fem care brand, to create period underwear raising funds to support the AFRIpads foundation and give back to communities in need. A percentage of the profit from our Yoni period underwear goes to the AFRIpads Foundation. An organisation that gets reusable menstrual kits into the hands of girls and women who need it the most. Since 2010 alone, AFRIpads Menstrual Kits have saved 29,603,127 kilos of waste from disposable sanitary pads. Continuing to take care of our planet, while we take care of our days. Our planet doesn’t get any days off, so neither should we.


Period poverty is a worldwide problem that affects people who menstruate everywhere.
On a local level, Love Stories is teaming up with Social Period, a Berlin based initiative founded by Undine Mothes and Katja Dill. Social Period has been actively fighting period poverty by, among other actions, placing donation boxes in easy-to-reach locations such as supermarkets and drugstores. Generating a creative and accessible solution for people to donate menstruation products that will help and support those in need. Social Period passes these donations directly on to an increasing number of social institutions, such as emergency shelters for the homeless and community centres.In our Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Amsterdam boutiques, we’ll place donation boxes for visitors to donate menstruation products to the local community centres connected to Social Period. With the goal to build awareness and solidarity, ultimately breaking the cultural shame attached to menstruation and challenging societal inequality - Love Stories will also raise funds for Social Period’s operational activities and the build of new donation boxes.This way, we hope that everyone in the community can access the resources they need to take care of their menstrual health adequately. Find out more about the Social Period on

(1) All Love Stories lace and elastics contain at least 50% recycled yarns.  (2) All designs are thoroughly tried and test-worn by Love Stories team members in our headquarters before qualifying for production.  (3) Our signature lace was developed especially for Love Stories with recycled yarns.  (4) We’ve developed our own micro fabric with recycled yarns.  (5) All of our items are made to last. We perform extensive quality checks at our factories as well as our office.  (6) Love Stories is an Amfori BSCI member. BSCI helps us monitor our supply chain to ensure suppliers treat their personnel ethically and legally correct.  (7) As of Autumn/Winter 2022, all of our satin is made with recycled yarns, too.  (8) Love Stories offers 24 different bra sizes, ranging from size 70 to 85 and from cup A to F.  (9) We don’t waste our goodies: you can find previous collections and samples in our Archive stores.  (10) We use biodegradable or recycled plastic and FSC certified paper and carton across our brand.  (11) Over 60% of our cotton ready to wear styles are made with organic cotton.  (12) 80% of our swimwear collection contains over 50% recycled fibres.  (13) All of our swimwear styles contains recycled fibres.


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