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We’ve teamed up with the detergent makers of Attirecare to launch a lingerie wash, made especially for your delicates. Following months of research, this all-natural formula provides the deepest cleaning to even the dirtiest undies, yet with the gentle touch that lingerie needs.

Nothing beats the smell of clean laundry, right? This natural blend of neroli, bergamot, jasmine and rosewood is like heaven in a bottle — a sustainable glass bottle, that is. The delicate formula helps to elongate the life of your most precious items, which is great news for you and for our planet.

About AttireCare

Attirecare is a Manchester-based sustainable lifestyle destination offering shoe, garment, home and lifestyle care products. They offer a wide range of handmade products to prolong the life of said things and promote less waste (all the while looking great on your shelf!).

"This natural blend of neroli, bergamot, jasmine and rosewood is like heaven in a bottle."

The brand uses organic ingredients and no harsh chemicals to create all of their formulas, ensuring they are environmentally friendly, ethically made, biodegradable and do exactly what they say on the label. All products are created with people in mind, to be an extension of a person’s lifestyle, and make somewhat mundane tasks that bit more enjoyable. “To make looking after your things as enjoyable as using them.”

Take care of your lovers

All Love Stories items are artfully crafted from premium materials so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Once your new loves end up in your lingerie drawer, proper care will help secure a long-lasting affair. Here are some easy tips & tricks to clean and protect your items.


Before washing your padded bralette, make sure you take out the padding first. If you leave it in, the padding could fold which could change its shape. Wash the pads separately and put them back in the cups when dry.

  • Always follow the instructions on the care label for each product.
  • Washing in cold water (no warmer than 30°C) is better for the environment and better for your garments.
  • Use a laundry bag to protect your delicate intimates & swimwear when laundering in the washing machine.
  • Our cover-ups can be gently ironed back into shape after washing. To remove minor wrinkles, hang your garment in the bathroom whilst you shower. The forthcoming steam is usually enough to smooth out most fabrics. Or use Attirecare’s Crease Release spray to remove wrinkles.
  • Do not put your Love Stories products in the dryer. This could damage the material and the elastane will lose its stretch.
  • Don’t let your lingerie dry in the sun, this might change their colour. This doesn’t apply to our Swimwear, so you can sunbathe for as long as you like.

Silk is a luxurious, high quality fabric which needs a little more care and attention. Because of this delicate material, you shouldn’t put your silk items in the washing machine or iron them. Wash your garments by hand with a maximum temperature of 40°C and use a laundry detergent specifically for silk.


Our swimwear can be washed in the washing machine, in a washing bag, with a mild process and a maximum temperature of 30°C. After a swim, rinse your swimsuit with cold water to remove any salt or chlorine before washing it.


Application for hand wash:

  • Fill a sink full of cold or warm water, maximum temperature of 30°C
  • Use 2 caps full of lingerie wash
  • Leave lingerie to soak for 20 minutes
  • Rinse with cold or warm water until all lingerie wash has gone
  • Hang to air dry

Application for machine wash:

  • Use 4 caps full of lingerie wash
  • Place lingerie in washing bag
  • Set machine to delicate wash, maximum temperature of 30°C
  • Hang to air dry
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