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Love Stories Coco
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Bralettes and Bralette Tops

What is a bralette, you ask? Love Stories’ iconic bralettes are wire-free bras available with padded and unpadded finishes, in various colours and materials like silk, satin, velvet and lace. Express yourself with cute bralettes, sexy bralettes and comfy bralettes for everyday wear — they're called "a holiday for your boobs" for good reason!

New to the world of women's bralettes? Love Stories' bralette designer, Celine, shares everything you need to know about the iconic design that started it all.

What is a bralette?

We get asked this a lot! A bralette is a lightweight women’s bra designed without an underwire or push-up padding. Our lace bralettes have either no lining, minimal padding or removable padding, so you can find the level of bralette coverage you love best. The bottom band of a bralette is typically made of a soft fabric with elastic, so it can easily move with the shape of your body. At Love Stories, we’re proud to make the best bralettes for everyday wear — they are super comfortable, feminine and breathable. That’s why we call them “a holiday for your boobs"!

What’s the difference between a bralette vs bra?

The biggest difference is that a traditional bra has an underwire, whereas a bralette is wire-free. We know you're probably thinking "bralettes must offer no support," but that's not totally true. Love Stories offers plenty of different shapes, styles and silhouettes in bralette bras — from comfy bralettes to cute bralettes and sexy bralettes. No matter which you choose, they are super comfortable to wear! Give them a chance and find out what works best for your boobs; once you try our best bralette styles, we promise you’ll never want to wear anything else!

Why do you make bralettes?

When our Creative Director Marloes Hoedeman founded Love Stories in 2013, her vision was to challenge the status quo of lingerie and bras in particular. She was tired of constricting shapewear or super-sexy push-up bras, and instead envisioned cute bralettes, comfy bralettes and lace bralette bras that she and her friends would actually want to wear. The first Love Stories womens’ bralette was the Love Lace, which remains a best-selling silhouette today — it’s a sexy bralette with a feminine aesthetic. We also work with a lingerie technician to design wired bralettes with the perfect fit, so you can choose the amount of support you prefer.

How do I wear a bralette?

A bralette is the perfect piece for the “underwear as outerwear” look — layer your bralette under a blazer, over a t-shirt or styled as a bralette top with jeans. For an effortlessly cool look, try a lace bralette top under a sheer blouse. A bralette bra is unique, comfortable and surprisingly versatile, no matter the occasion. We love to keep our lingerie drawers feeling fresh and feminine, with lace bralette tops in mix-and-match colours and prints that express our personalities and moods.

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