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Women's Underwear and Panties

Underwear is your first layer of the day — and why not start each day with a bit of fun? Love Stories’ panties and briefs feature a playful mix of patterns, prints and materials so you can express your unique style the way you want to. Our ladies’ underwear collection includes cotton thongs, sexy panties, high waisted underwear and lace thongs, available with different silhouettes and fabrics to suit your preferences. Many styles are accompanied by matching bralettes to complete the set. There's only one thing left for you to do: which style will you choose, darling?

Whether your panties preference is sexy, sultry, streamlined or simple, Love Stories’ briefs offering has styles for every occasion. Our in-house underwear expert and designer, Celine, shares her top advice for choosing the right pair.

What’s the best underwear for women?

At Love Stories we believe that beautiful underwear shouldn’t be reserved only for special occasions or in the bedroom. Instead, we choose to start each morning with a fabulous pair of panties that expresses our mood of the day — be it sexy panties, lace thongs, tanga briefs, G-strings or classic cotton briefs. No matter which women’s underwear or girls' underwear you choose, what’s most important is that you feel comfortable, confident and empowered to take on the day!

What are types of women’s underwear?

Love Stories offers multiple styles of panties, so you can find your favourites and switch between them depending on what you’re wearing. If you prefer sexy underwear, our lace thongs, G-strings and tanga string brief silhouettes will instantly strike a mood. We often finish our women’s thongs with beautiful mesh details, ruffles, delicate patterns and lace trims that feel elevated and luxurious. If you’re searching for briefs, we offer everything from full coverage briefs to cotton underwear and tanga style briefs. We also offer mix-and-match styles like high waisted underwear for women, cotton thongs, girls' underwear and satin panties that provide just the right amount of coverage. Across all women’s underwear styles, our premium fabrics will feel amazing against your skin.

What are the best women’s underwear basics?

Once again, every woman’s underwear and lingerie preferences will vary — while one may love a sexy lace thong or sexy panties, the other may prefer cotton underwear, high waisted underwear or briefs. For everyday wear, the Love Stories’ Essentials collection has everything you need in one place. The lingerie offering includes string briefs, cotton thongs and full coverage briefs in neutral, mineral shades that blend in. Many of our panties are seamless, and we add a100% cotton gusset liner for breathability and comfort. Most of our girls' underwear and women’s underwear is crafted from soft, stretch fabric that feels amazing and is ideal for all-day wear.

How do I fold underwear?

If you have the time to fold your panties, we're jealous of you! Generally speaking, our underwear drawers are one giant hodgepodge of prints, colours, fabrics and styles — that makes every morning feel like a party as we pick our panties for the day. If you do choose to fold your thongs, panties and briefs, you can either roll them to save space, or fold up the crotch then cross over the corners (one at a time) to neatly compress.

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