Planet Love

Love Stories’
responsibility journey

Love Stories is committed to spreading love around the world. As this romance grows into a flourishing brand, we aim to constantly challenge and improve the way we work. From how we design to the way we produce and collaborate, down to the final products in your lingerie drawer. We’re not perfect just yet, but would love to share some of the progress we’re making behind the scenes.

The First Layer:
Our P

All nominated materials and dyes that Love Stories uses meet the REACH-standard and are Oeko-Tex® certified non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals. Our laces are also Bluesign® certified. Additionally, we’re collaborating closely with our suppliers to develop conscious alternatives to our signature fabrics and lace, using ultra-soft recycled yarn. These yarns are GRS-approved and are repurposed from nylon and polyester textile waste, fishnets and plastic waste such as PET bottles. Most components we use in our products are made by our nominated suppliers, to ensure that each product feels and fits the same.

The first recycled Swimclub styles will be available in the Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Keep an eye out for the new hangtags that are attached to all recycled Swimclub styles. As of Fall/Winter 2020, these recycled fabrics will also be used in selected lingerie and cover-up styles.

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Behind the Seams:
eople and Planet

All of our products are made in certified factories. This includes all phases of the production process: the material suppliers, printers and garment makers. Through independent third-party audits by BSCI and SMETA, as well as our team’s personal visits, we make sure that our partners continue to meet all social and environmental standards, such as fair salaries, decent working hours, no child labour and a healthy and safe working environment.

In 2019, we began shipping our garments in biodegradable plastic poly bags, which decompose quickly in landfills. All Love Stories web shop orders are shipped in FSCcertified cardboard boxes.

You've got the Love:
hat can you do?

After we worked our magic, the product finds its way to you. Taking good care of your newfound love will extend its lifespan significantly. The result? More quality-time together and less environmental waste.

Here are some tips and tricks that will keep your Love Stories item looking brand new: - Always follow the instructions on the individual care label for each product.

  • Use a washing bag for your intimates when laundering in the washing machine. This protects the fabric and minimizes the risk of damage to delicate items.
  • Washing in cold water (no warmer than 30°C) is better for the environment and better for your garments. This is particularly true for swimwear, which should be rinsed in cold water after each use. Using cold water helps reduce color fading and uses less energy at the same time.
  • To remove wrinkles, we recommend freshening up your garments as you refresh yourself: hang them in the bathroom while you take your shower. The steam produced is enough to smooth out most fabrics. 

Are you longing for a new affair? Please don’t throw your old love in the bin; rather, donate your love-worn garments to a local charity or a friend.

Love Stories' certificates and audits


All Love Stories laces are produced in Bluesign® certified factories. Bluesign® guarantees the highest degree of safety for the customer, manufacturing with the lowest possible impact on people and the environment, as well as responsible use of resources.


All of the recycled yarns we use are GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified. GRS is an international, voluntary product standard that pins down requirements for thirdparty certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and ecological practices and chemical restrictions.


All of our material and component suppliers, as well as our printing and dying houses, comply with the REACH standard. REACH is a European Union regulation (1907/2006/EC) restricting the levels of specific chemical substances in all imported goods. These rules are recorded in the Oekoe-Tex® certificates that all Love Stories material suppliers have. Factories are re-audited every year in order to receive a new certificate.

Love Stories web shop orders are shipped in cardboard boxes made of FSC-certified materials. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that is committed to preservation and responsible forest management worldwide. FSC speaks of responsible forest management when the ecological, social and economic aspects of forest management are taken into account in a balanced way.

All factories we work with are audited annually by BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) and SMETA (Sedex). BSCI aims to improve working conditions, including the right to form a trade union, safe working conditions and no forced or child labor. Sedex commits to improving working conditions in global supply chains. Their ethical audit format reports on Sedex's four pillars of labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics

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